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ADH Guardian - Pro Commercial Opener
Ad Posted:Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Ad Expire:Saturday, October 29, 2044
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<span style=''font-size: 24pt;''>AD</span><span style=''font-size: 24pt;''><span style=''font-size: 24pt;''>H</span> Guardian Commercial Door Operator
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Salem International and Guardian works with leading industry partners to supply customers with product to meet their needs. A full line of commercial and industrial door openers, control panels and special application modification systems is available for our customers. This is just another way Salem International and Guardian uses its flexibility and service to differentiate from the competition.

<span style=''font-weight: bold;''>PRO-T</span>
The PRO-T is a trolley operator designed for use on commercial sectional doors with standard lift tracks.
<a href=''/img/images/guardian/PRO-T.PDF''>Download PRO-T PDF</a>

<span style=''font-weight: bold;''>PRO-J</span>
The PRO-J is designed for use on commercial/industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift track and for small rolling grilles.
<a href=''/img/images/guardian/PRO-J.PDF''>Download PRO-J.pdf</a>

<span style=''font-weight: bold;''>PRO-H</span>
The PRO-H is designed for use on commercial/industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift track and rolling doors and grilles.
<a href=''/img/images/guardian/PROH.PDF''>Download PRO-H.PDF</a>

<span style=''font-weight: bold;''>MODIFICATIONS</span>
A complete line of mechanical, electrical control and environmental modifications are available.

For more information contact Salem International.

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